Managing your Time

time]Time management: Managing the use of daily schedules for the purpose of achieving maximum productivity; maximum time utilization; not wasting time. Hm, not wasting time. Well, that doesn’t sound like any fun!

But it’s true. One of my biggest downfalls is wasting time. I love to socialize and chat, even online: Twitter, Plurk, forums, you name it. It’s good marketing, but if you’re not getting anything done is it really worth it? Maybe, but maybe not.

One of my tried and true time management “must do” necessities is a task list. That list not only lets me see exactly how much I have to do, but checking off each task also shows me how long it’s taking, and if I’m getting distracted. Which often happens, what with the coffee pot and the internet.

But basically, what you have to do is be disciplined. Figure out what has to be done, and do it. I know that sounds easy, but sometimes figuring out what has to be done is the hard part, believe it or not. Another thing that distracts people is when the task seems daunting. A huge task can quickly take the wind from your sails. I like to brake things down.

Make the most of your down time.  EarthCharms takes her supplies with her and creates while she waits: Dr. Office, DMV, etc.   She also relaxes and creates while watching TV. SusanMWB has a tray handy to load her supplies on to easily transport her supplies so she can watch TV and create as well.

Believe it or not, organization can also help you accomplish your tasks in a timely manner. Ever spent a good part of a half hour looking for that special tool that you can’t work without? Set up your work area so that your tools are easily accessible to reach for, and put away. That way they will always be where they should be.

LibertyO has organized all her beads on a wall board. They’re easily accessible, and quickly found. And MannyBeads has a new shelving unit organizing all her necessary supplies.

Gerry, of gerryp918 , saves time by using Paypal to print shipping labels. And I have to agree. It’s much easier to hit print, and back the shipment. By the time my item is ready to go, the label is done. Great minds think alike!

mytreasures gets up early to get a little computer time, morning news and some alone time to create. I myself take a half hour each morning for coffee and to check my websites. Then I know if anything needs to be addressed throughout the day, or before I come home!

So, let’s hear it. How do you make it through your day?


2 Responses to “Managing your Time”

  1. June 4, 2009 at 10:20 PM

    Enjoyed your latest . . . great tips!
    ~ Jill Q

  2. June 18, 2009 at 9:43 PM

    I can relate to this I too get carried away with time on the computer so it is nice to have reminders and tips from others. Thanks

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