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September Challenge is Creepy Crawly!

We had a lot of fun with the August challenge-I’m on Fire.  And while some parts of the United States were pretty close to being on fire with the heat, Wisconsin had a nice mild summer.  However the gardens didn’t enjoy that.

But fall is in the air, and with the cooler breezes come the holiday festivities.  JAMs first fall festivity is the Creepy Crawly Challenge.  So let’s see what’cha got!

Bring on the scream…ah, I mean music!  Yeah, music.  Mewah haha…


Jewelry lovers UNITE!

Hey, if you love jewelry, have we got something for you.  How about a quaint little market in a quiet part of town, it’s really close by.  No hustle, no bustle, and what an amazing variety to choose from.

You ready?  Okay, now sit back and…yep, that’s it, just one click and you’re there!.  1000Markets’ Jewelry Artisans’ Marketplace.  The one and only place where you can sit back and relax, a nice warm cup of coffee, a scone (mmm) and a computer!

What?  The kids are running around screaming?  The dog is barking and the cat is hacking up a…hairball?  Oh, I’m am so sorry.  And I understand.  Just do a quick bookmark and come back when everyone is in bed.  Shh, it’s okay, I won’t tell 🙂

Wondering what kinds of goodies you will find on the Jewelry Artisans’ Marketplace?  Well, take a peek at our lineup:

Minimalist – small, simple, clean, sleek

Bold & Colorful – big, robust, bright, daring

Vintage & Retro – styles from the past

Elegant – weddings, black tie affairs, formal dinners

Personalized – custom pieces to suit your buyer

Quirky & Cute – strange and unique pieces, anything that makes you think, “Awww!”

Urban – chunky, metallic, no nonsense

Ethnic & Exotic – styles that turn you into anyone from Nefertiti to a Mayan Princess to a Celtic Queen

Gemstone: jewelry with gemstones (please know your materials: no glass “gemstones”)

Southwestern Style: turquoise, beadweaving, leather, ceramics

Natural Elements: shapes and materials from and inspired by nature

Holiday: holiday themed jewelry

So, whatcha waitin’ for! Git on over there and check out all the yummy, unique handcrafted jewelry.

~Jamie of Glasstastic Treasures